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What my clients have to say


I connected with Stacey through a mutual friend and over a period of six months began my healing journey specifically related to childhood trauma.
Childhood trauma and the resulting behaviours (distance from relationships, friendships, difficulty connecting with peers in the workplace, a whole range of issues) had held me back from participating in life. I was unhappy, fearful and completely inauthentic and looking for something or someone to help me figure out what the heck was going on.

Stacey’s natural ability to hold space for me during our zoom sessions especially when my see-sawing emotions often got the better of me, helped me to slowly and surely re-write my life’s blueprint and create a self loving, strong, capable, creative, resourceful, joyful ME. My personal relationships have improved hugely, I communicate more kindly, my children share their lives with me more openly and most importantly my emotions have levelled. Less of the see-saw thank you very much!

Using a combination of NLP, Coaching and Counselling Stacey was my reassuring light guiding me to sanctuary and even though some of our sessions weren’t always happy ones (challenging me to look more deeply and from another person’s point of view), I definitely came away with new perspectives. I am extremely grateful to have had her by my side during these life altering changes.

I highly recommend Stacey and Hand to Life Therapy for anyone needing support, tools, encouragement and follow ups during super challenging times. She is just the most kind and honest soul you could have next to you while you travel along your healing pathway.



Where do I start? Over a year ago I was lost, depressed, unable to feel and yet, feeling too much. So much so that I
couldn’t breathe, life was kicking my butt and I needed help, support and guidance. One day, I decided to drive past
my old work place on a whim, something I’ve never done. That’s when I noticed “Hand To Life Therapy” in the same
group of shops! I took it as sign and thought about what it all means. I messaged Stacey on Facebook, just asking
about prices and times etc., not thinking of actually booking, yet there she was, as if sensing my urgency and offering
the help I was so desperately seeking. At the time, I wasn’t sure what I needed. She let me talk and feel my way to
that comfortable place I was looking for. Even after one visit I knew she got me and I left feeling hopeful after a life
of hopelessness. The Timeline Therapy was really healing and I was able to see just where my insecurities were first
manifested and why. Years of self-blame and sabotage were acknowledged and let go. Negative self-talk was
clearing and making way for positive self-assurance. Now, I still see Stacey, just not as often. So many things have
changed for me and they continue to change for the better. I can’t speak highly enough about Stacey and the work
she does. She’s empathetic and healing others brings her joy. She knows how far I’ve come and it’s all because of
her unrelenting support, guidance and love. Helen


I recently did a session of timeline therapy with Stacey at Hand to Life Therapy after we had been chatting about numerous issues that I have felt to have been blocking my moving forward in many situations in my life.

Little did I know that through this session of timeline therapy I would be able to go back and deal with an issue that had blocked me doing many things for the past 50yrs. I was lucky that I could work with Stacey and my mind to go back and reassure a young me that I was okay!

I came out of the session feeling weirdly ‘released’ and over the past week ive found some of the things that have been made into issues over time where no longer issues but something I could just move on through without fears about me messing it up again.

I’m happy to recommend anyone looking to deal with things that may be blocking their progress to contact Stacey at Hand to Life Therapy and talk with her about timeline therapy and how it may help you!


I was lucky enough to have a session with Stacey a few weeks ago. During our session, Stacey worked with me on some limiting beliefs that were holding me back in my life and affecting me in ways I wasn’t aware of. After our session, I have been able to take charge of life and the direction I want to go, without fear or worry about what others may think or that I don’t have the ability of skills. Thank you, Stacey. Things are looking better every day.