Breakthrough sessions

What is a breakthrough session?

A breakthrough session is comprised of a set of advanced NLP techniques delivered by a certified Master NLP practitioner who is specialised to focus on identifying unhelpful behaviour, thought patterns & limiting beliefs. We then use a set of strategic techniques to expand the barriers created in the mind. In doing this the mind is able to form new neural pathways or patterns in thinking that are more positive where the mind is able to identify the possibilities & opportunities available which were not clear before.

During a breakthrough session, you spend a full day of coaching with me to break through everything that is holding you back in an area of your life. We will meet face to face in a warm, comforting therapy space where you will spend the first 3 hours telling your story, really being heard & understood.

The remaining 5 hours will be spent breaking down your barriers utilising an array of strategic & specialised techniques designed to clear negative emotions, limiting beliefs & limiting decisions. The techniques will also help you to integrate your learnings & set clear goals for the future.

Wow! Have you ever spent a full day breaking through all the things holding you back & designing new strategies to help you get what you truly want & deserve in life? What an amazing gift to yourself!

Following the breakthrough session, an inclusive 90 minute follow up session will be provided to help you clear up anything that has risen while integrating your new learnings & patterns. I really recommend this, as often when you have been running the same unhelpful patterns in your mind for so long & they are interrupted by removing the negative charge & installing a new thought pattern, it can take practice for the mind to remain on track. A follow-up session can be useful for clearing anything up that may have arisen during integration.

How will a breakthrough benefit you?

A breakthrough session is an opportunity to be heard, understood with full undivided attention, whilst breaking through your barriers & redesigning new neural pathways in your mind that generate more helpful ways of thinking & making decisions.

Coaching, in general, can produce amazing results whether, weekly, fortnightly or monthly, though can you just for a moment imagine the power of a full, uninterrupted day, focused solely on you. This will be life-changing!

What Next?

If you are ready to begin truly living your best life, ready to LET GO NOW of all the things holding you back, let’s chat. Take action to redesign your life by booking your breakthough session, it’s truly life-changing.

By investing in yourself, you’re investing in designing the perfect life you have always dreamed of. What are you waiting for?